About Helly

~ A Swedish Anglophile married to an American ~

I love reading and talking about books. On these pages you will find reviews of fiction books ranging from paranormal/urban fantasy, sci-fi as well as contemporary and historical romance. Quite a lot of the books I read are labeled YA, but I don’t think you ever get too old for a really good book.

My reviews tend to (mostly, but not always) be fairly short and to the point – an intro in the form of the GoodReads blurb (or part of it) followed by what I loved/liked and hated/disliked as well as the thoughts and emotions the reading experience evoked. I try not to go into a deep analysis for two reasons – firstly: there are a large number of reviewers who have the time to spare and are both interested in and good at writing those kinds of  reviews, secondly: I don’t always enjoy reading a detailed analysis until after I have read the book myself – even when there are no spoilers in the review, a lengthy analysis tend to reveal too many details I would rather discover on my own, at first.

So, my aim is to get you interested in the books I’ve read (or warn you off real lemons), sort of wetting your appetite without disclosing too much of what happens…

Happy Reading!

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